If you're looking for bespoke guidance with dahlias in your garden and are interested in a personalised planting plan, drop me an email.

I can create unique moodboards and combinations based on existing flower beds or new borders from scratch, based on the colour, varieties and heights that you prefer.


This service also comes with detailed drawings on where to plant them and support on all aspect of growing, from spacing to staking, pinching to cutting.

You can then decide whether you'd like me to source the tubers for delivery in April or I can supply them as strong plants ready for planting out in June to prolong the flowering season.

Get in touch to find out more hello@dahliabeach.co.uk


Positive Vibes

Nurturing plants and injecting colour and creativity into your life can change your mindset by making you happier and  improving your outlook on life.


Join me in learning new skills, embracing nature and creating a sense of purpose and I promise it'll make you feel awesome.