My Story

I'm a former TV Director from London who escaped to the Cotswold borders with my family in 2013 in search of a better life. I've always had a huge passion for gardening and my stone courtyard in Brixton wasn't cutting it. 
I ran a successful wedding video company which I absolutely loved. Our awesome team of 6 produced nearly 300 weddings a year and I was able to work part time to fit around the family. Life was pretty sweet.
Then Covid19 struck.
2020 was going to be our busiest year yet, but when the couples began postponing (understandably) and cancelling, we could no longer afford to pay the bills. We were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to close.
Overnight I went from running a busy, thriving business to having no purpose, no income and worst of all, no idea what the future held. I needed something that would nourish my mental wellbeing and give me something positive to focus on and it became dahlias.
I scoured the internet searching for the right combinations of dahlia colour and varieties and watched countless videos on YouTube on how to grow them.  I found that the nurturing and caring for the dahlias gave me a renewed sense of purpose and a reason to be hopeful and excited about the future.
I watched in ancipation as they grew bigger and stronger and when they eventually flowered I was overwhelmed with joy; my garden and my home was overflowing with the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen.




Within 4 months I had created a border that was way more impressive than the one I'd spent 4 years growing in my back garden. It has also cost a fraction of the price! It got me thinking.
2020 had seen a huge surge in new gardeners; picking up a trowel for the first time to give gardening a go. 
What if I could inspire and educate these newbies and give them everything they needed to grow a thriving cut flower for themselves? What if I could create a brand that was accessible and relatable, reducing the overwhelming choice to make gardening accessible, mindful and fun?

So Dahlia Beach was born

Follow my journey...

I'm at the very beginning of my new business adventure and despite the number of people who have told me that I'll never make a successful business selling tubers, I'm determined to prove them wrong. I've placed an order for 4200 dahlia tubers from Holland which are arriving in March 2021 and I've designed some awesome mugs and t-shirts to keep me ticking over until then.

I am part of a new wave of female entrepreneurs who are finding opportunities in the wake of this global pandemic and I hope my story will inspire others to bite the bullet and start a business doing something that they love. I owe a huge amount of my drive and determination to Holly Tucker's podcast "Conversations of Inspiration" and I will be forever grateful to her for challenging my imposter syndrome and giving me the confidence to face my fears.

Follow my journey on Instagram @dahliabeach - it's going to be fun!