Join Me

So here's the thing - our lives and the way we live them are looking pretty different right now but the one thing we know for sure is that people are actively looking for ways to connect with nature, learn new skills and meet new friends.

What better way to do that than through the instagram gardening community.

If you're an avid flower fan with an aspirational space, why not plant a Dahlia Beach and host Dahlia Beach Days? I'll promote you as my local Dahlia Beach expert and you can so workshops on how to grow dahlias from tuber and cut flowers from seed.

I'll then give you a selection of boxes to sell and you can make commission on those.

This is just a 'pie in the sky' idea right now but it would be great to get an idea of uptake and whether people think it's a goer.

The more people gardening, the more flowers in the world and the more flowers in the world, the happier we'll be.

Email me at grow@dahliabeach.co.uk and we can throw some ideas around!