'Gardening For Beginners' Video Series

'Gardening For Beginners' Video Series

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Join me this year in unleasing your inner gardener with this step by step video series for beginners.


I'll show you how to create your own cut flower garden from scratch with simple, easy to follow guidance and motivational support all summer long!


Videos will be sent out by email every fortnight covering everything from:


- sowing seeds

- potting dahlia tubers

- pinching out

- taking cuttings

- planning your space

- planting out

- staking

- pest management

- cutting and arranging


Everything you need, in one place, to turn you into a blooming rockstart this summer.


This video series is included with my Dahlia Beach Collections but for those who missed out this year, you can still join in with dahlias and seeds from your local garden centre.