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Introducing the Dahlia Bumble Rumble tuber, a stunning collerette variety that boasts a unique and striking color combination. Its dark pink outer petals contrast beautifully with the white frill on the inner petals, leading to a soft yellow center.


This delightful flower is a favorite among pollinators, making it perfect for any garden or outdoor space. The Dahlia 'Bumble Rumble' demonstrates exceptional adaptability, thriving remarkably in container gardens. Its compact growth habit make it an ideal candidate for pot cultivation.


This dahlia variety not only embraces the confines of a container but flourishes in them, offering a lush and vibrant display of blooms. whether on a patio, balcony, or sunny deck. 


Don't miss out on the chance to enrich your tuber treasure trove with the Dahlia Bumble Rumble tuber and join in with our '2024 Dahlia Beach Grow-Along' on Instagram!


Growing Advice:


Dahlia tubers can be potted up indoors in March/April to start them off early and planted out in the garden after the last frost. Alternatively, dahlia tubers can be planted directly outdoors once the threat of frost has passed. 


For more information on how to grow dahlias, check out our FAQ page.

Dahlia Bumble Rumble

Out of Stock
  • Variety- Collerette

    Height- 80cm

    Spread- 40cm

    Size of flower- 14cm

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