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The Cafe Au Lait dahlia is a breathtaking bloom that exudes elegance and charm; a huge hit with both gardeners and wedding florists alike. Its large, intricate petals unfurl with grace, revealing a palette of soft, creamy hues. The outer edges often showcase a delicate blush, giving the flower a subtle, rosy glow. Each petal is a masterpiece, displaying a range of shades from ivory to pale peach, creating a mesmerizing ombre effect.


*please note that these dahlia tubers are available for preorder and will not be delivered until mid March

Dahlia Cafe au Lait x10

Out of Stock
  • Variety- Dinnerplate

    Height - 90cm

    Spread- 40cm

    Size of flower - 25cm

    Position - full sun



    Regular tubers are 1 year old tubers that originate from rooted cuttings.  Jumbo tubers are larger 2 year old tubers that will produce more flowers, which have been harvested from our cut flower field. 



    Growing advice:


    Dahlia tubers can be potted up indoors in March/April to start them off early and planted out in the garden after the last frost. Alternatively, dahlia tubers can be planted directly outdoors once the threat of frost has passed.


    Find step by step growing instructions on our socials and join the Great Dahlia Beach Grow-along for 2024!

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