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The Sam Hopkins dahlia flaunts a rich, velvety red hue that brings a touch of lavishness and allure to its blossoms. This captivating color is like the deep tones of a fine wine, giving each petal a sense of depth and sophistication. It's a shade that grabs your attention and carries an enduring elegance.


Set against the robust, dark stems, the Sam Hopkins dahlia creates a striking contrast, highlighting its regal presence. This play of deep red against the sturdy stems is visually striking, showing off nature's knack for creating harmonious yet attention-grabbing compositions.


These dahlia tubers are available for pre-order only and will be dispatched from mid March 2024 onwards, on a first come, first served basis.


Dahlia Sam Hopkin

Out of Stock
  • Variety: Waterlily

    Height- 100cm

    Spread- 75cm

    Size of flower- 15cm

    Position - full sun


    Regular tubers are 1 year old tubers that originate from rooted cuttings.  Jumbo tubers are larger 2 year old tubers that will produce more flowers, which have been harvested from our cut flower field. 


    Growing advice:


    Dahlia tubers can be potted up indoors in March/April to start them off early and planted out in the garden after the last frost. Alternatively, dahlia tubers can be planted directly outdoors once the threat of frost has passed.


    Find step by step growing instructions on our socials and join the Great Dahlia Beach Grow-along for 2024!

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