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How To Grow Dahlias

If you're as excited about growing dahlias as I am, then you'll want to get started as soon as possible. Dahlias however do NOT like frost and so you'll need to start them off in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill indoors if you want to get them going in March/April in the UK.

This video shows you how to pot up your dahlia tubers so that you can grow them undercover, from the size of the pot, the amount of peat free compost, the depth and watering recommendations.

I plant mine out in the garden towards the end of May once I know that the frost has passed however you can of course plant the tubers directly outside if you don't have a sunny windowsill or greenhouse.

I hope you enjoy my first video and I will be releasing another one on 'How To Sow Cosmos' over the weekend. The entire course is included in the price of my Dahlia Beach Collections however if you would like to buy the video course on it's own, this will be available next week.

Make sure that you look out for the announcements on Instagram

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