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Wedding Dahlias

As the largest cut-flower dahlia growers in the UK, we are a firm favourite with DIY weddings and florists alike.

We have 8000 dahlia plants at our farm in South Oxfordshire and can confidently supply from 17th August until the first frost (this is usually around middle to late October and we operate on a week by week basis from this point onwards.)


Our stems are priced competitively at £2 per stem for dinner plates and £1.50 for the ball and decorative varieties which includes picking and conditioning. For orders over 200 stems this drops to £1.50 and £1.30 respectively and these must be collected in person from Millets Farm unless you are ordering more than 1000 stems.

As a farm, we are completely at the mercy of the weather and different varieties of dahlia flower at different times throughout the season. Unfortunately we cannot determine this in advance! If you'd like to book a visit to the farm to make your selection before the wedding, you can book via our General Admission ticket option. 

Please note that we are not florists and we are unable offer one-to-one consolations on colour schemes or stem count. 

If you are a professional wedding or events florist looking for over 500 stems please get in touch via email as we have a separate wholesale dahlia farm in Woodstock which caters for these enquiries.

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