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How It Works

The beauty behind Dahlia Beach is that I've narrowed down the overwhelming choice of plants on offer. I've curated beautiful collections that work in perfect harmony together, either blooming in your garden or bossing it on your window sill.

I recommend buying enough tubers from the same collection to fill the space, rather than lots of single tubers from  a variety of different collections.

By grouping the same plants together, instead of on their own, you are using the technique that landscape designers use. This is why the professional borders always look so beautiful. Dahlia Beach creates a striking display of flowers, it gives you more choice when it comes to picking them.

How many tubers you need will depend on the size of the Dahlia Beach you want to create.

I work on the basis that 5 dahlia tubers will cover 1.3m x 2m
10 dahlia tubers will cover 1.3m x 4m
15 dahlia tubers tubers will cover 1.3m x 6m
20 dahlia tubers will cover 1.3m x 8m

My original Dahlia beach (as seen in the photos below) was 1.3m x 6m and I planted 15 tubers in this space, 5 different varieties in total and filled the gaps with the annual flower seeds.


Why Dahlia Beach?


Dahlia Beach removes all of the uncertainty around planning and planting a beautifully designed flower bed. I'm here to give you the support and the confidence you need to flourish.


It more important than ever to find activities that focus the mind in a positive way. Dahlia Beach can reduce stress, manage anxiety and actively bring you joy.

The winning combination of tubers, seeds, planting guides and videos puts a dream garden within your grasp.

I'm rooting for you.

Grow Happy

Planning a garden delivers a positive purpose.


Planting a Dahlia Beach will give you something to look forward to,  focussing the mind and connecting you to nature.


Inject colour and happiness into your life today.

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