Dahlia Beach started out in 2020 as a unique and innovative 'cut flower garden in a box' idea; gorgeous combinations of dahlia tubers and seeds, with practical, easy to follow videos delivered straight to your door.  

Due to it's success, Dahlia Beach has launched a 'Pick Your Own Flower' Farm at Oxfordshire's most popular family destination, Millets Farm, South Oxfordshire.


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Spend an hour walking through the thousands of dahlia flowers and taking photos from the top of the bright pink'dahlia decker bus.' Or join me for a 'Pick Your Own Flower Experience to learn more about growing and cutting your own dahlias.


Spaces are limited, so book your tickets to the Farm of Dreams today!


What people say


Absolutely anyone can create a garden but its knowing where to start that can be tricky. With oodles of enthusiasm and can-do attitude, I love THAT Dahlia Beach is opening up the world of gardening to newbies with an utterly gorgeous, modern take on it all and helpful, step by step guidance. It's brilliant!

Victoria @sprout.surrey


2020 has been tough in so many ways that planning for a new flower border is definitely top of my list for 2021. I love that Dahlia Beach can provide me with everything I need to create that.

I also plan to pass on the love by gifting Dahlia Beaches to my friends and family.

Sophie @oldhouseintheshires


Well, if I can't go to St Tropez, then St Tropez is coming me next year! Andrea's imagination and enthusiasm makes anything possible and that gorgeous Dahlia beach is heading to my garden next year for sure.

Helier @garden_godess_uk


Andrea has done all the hard work for you creating, creating such beautiful flower colour combinations. All you have to do is choose your favourite collection, follower her amazing advice and get growing!

Mel @smelaniesgarden


Join Me

Turning my passion for gardening into a brand new and exciting business venture has taught me so much about resilience, being brave and overcoming failure.


I hope that the highs and lows of my story will also help inspire others to pursue their passions.

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